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5 Services We Offer Other Than Carpet Cleaning

Mar 7, 2023 | Cleaning Services

5 Services We Offer Other Than Carpet Cleaning

At Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry, we don’t just provide exceptional carpet cleaning services! From the floors to countertops and even pet stains and upholstered furniture, our experienced technicians are here for you. Rely on us to take care of all your home’s cleaning needs – so you can have confidence knowing that each corner is spotless and comfortable. Let us handle everything: after all, a clean house means peace of mind!

5 Services Beyond Carpet Cleaning

Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry is just what you need! Our team of expert cleaners offers a wide range of solutions that go beyond ordinary carpet cleaning. We use professional-grade approaches and products, so you can be sure we’ll deliver spotless surfaces each time. Need help with more than floor care? No problem – check out some of our other offerings listed below!

area rug cleaning

Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning

If your rug is fragile, vintage, or composed of special materials like wool, cotton, silk, and more, you’ll want to trust the pros at Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry. We take extra care in evaluating each rug and use a tailored approach for cleaning. Our team of experts is well-versed in how to effectively clean different types of rugs – from synthetic fibers to Persian antiques and Oriental hand-knotted varieties! Let us guarantee that your precious area piece receives thorough yet gentle attention with our HCE process specifically designed for carpets…and rugs too! This knowledge allows us to deliver excellent results that help extend the life of these precious pieces.

Granite Countertop Renewal and Cleaning

Granite’s durability, strength, and attractiveness make it a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. To keep your granite looking beautiful as ever, regular maintenance is essential – that includes cleaning and resealing the surface! With Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry’s professional granite countertop renewal service, we are able to get rid of any dirt or grime stuck in its pores. Our team will then seal the surfaces for added protection against further damage while restoring their natural shine. Let us help you maintain your exquisite granite countertops today!

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leather cleaning icon

Leather Cleaning and Restoration

Leather furnishings are known for their resilient nature, as well as the elegant air they bring to any space. Over time, however, even leather can start to show signs of wear and tear. If you’re looking to restore the natural shine and color of your sofa or chair, our Certified Leather Specialists have got you covered! We’ll thoroughly clean away dirt deposits, body oils, and skin acids that could otherwise damage the material if left unchecked – leaving your furniture looking good as new for years ahead! Trust us with taking care of all your beloved leather pieces.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process is a powerful cleaning tool that provides outstanding results not only for carpets but also for upholstered furniture. We can provide excellent assistance with whatever your goal may be – from giving your furniture an in-depth clean to removing stubborn stains. Our gentle yet highly effective approach will make sure that all of your couches, loveseats, and other dining room furnishings look rejuvenated and revitalized after we’re done! Let us take care of your beloved upholstered items – you won’t regret it.

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wood floor cleaning icon

Wood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors offer an alluring look that many families crave, and they’re considered to be easier maintenance than carpets as well. But if you really want your hardwoods to last for years, always consider working with the seasoned professionals at Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry who have decades of experience in wood floor cleaning and care. With our special industry-leading process – which combines deep cleaning followed by meticulous polishing – you can give those lovely wooden planks a renewed appearance that no DIY method could ever replicate.

If you are looking to upgrade your home’s cleanliness and comfort, our team of professionals at Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry is here for you. From carpet cleaning to a vast array of other professional services we provide, let us help make your living space sparkle! For more information about our services, check out our services page or reach out today by calling (443) 232-2525 and get in touch with one of our experts serving the Bel Air, MD area right away!

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